2022 / Blog · April 8, 2022

An Evening Check In

It’s been almost a month since I’ve written something or posted a podcast so I thought I’d take this evening to check in.

I’m sat in my living room drinking tea, myself and my partner have just got back from an lovely evening in Chester – I had to visit the local sexual health clinic to top up my PrEP supply (they also gave me a load of condoms too), originally I had an appointment for 9am this morning but they called me yesterday because someone needed an emergency appointment and they needed to reschedule it to 6:30pm, I’d already booked the day off for the appointment but now this meant that my partner would have finished work and could join me so I decided to book us a table at a really nice Japanese restaurant called Hamayuu.

Some people might not want to talk about this but I think it’s important to talk openly about sexual health so I’m going to talk a little bit about my what happened today – part of the process of the visit to the sexual health clinic also includes a full screening of bloods, urine and swabs of the throat and butt – that way they can check for everything, results usually come back within 10 days but usually way before this, I also needed to have my final vaccinations for Hepatitis and HPV – I feel very lucky that all of these tests and the access to PrEP are all free!

The swabs are simple to do but for some reason the throat one always makes me retch like the meme of the cat…hang on, let me find the one I mean…

I can quite easily deepthroat a large penis without a single gag, but a miniscule cotton swab…nope! 😅

The butt one always feels weird and dry and pointy, which is because it’s literally a stick up my butt.

The urine one is pretty simple – piss into a vial, although sometimes trying to control the flow and velocity can be a little tricky but I managed to fill it without overflow or misdirection! Haha!

The bloods were taken via needle in the arm, standard – the homekit version of this is a finger prick one which I REALLY HATE (it also hurts like a bitch for a few days after), it makes me sweat and panic everytime I have to do one…I can’t even actually do it myself either, I always ask my partner to help me, so I was glad that it was taken via my arm.

I was in and out within 45 minutes and then I headed to meet my partner at the restaurant – the food was sooo good, I went for Takoyaki, Karaage and a bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen – YUM!

So now I’m home and typing this, what have I been doing since I last checked in with you?

I’m working on some new music currently, possibly enough for an album, the concept of it is based on the horrendous invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the track names are to be different names of places in Ukraine and it’s going to be dark and raw and angry and loud – I might preview a track for you soon!

I’m also participating in NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month, it’s difficult sometimes but it’s meaning I’ve been creating a new poem every day so far, I’ve got a few other new ones too, at some point I’ll have enough to make a new book, which is exciting – you can get my 1st book (digitally and physically) on Amazon

My partner and I visited The Netherlands for 4 days, which was lovely, my partner (who is Dutch) hadn’t been able to see his friends and family for over 2 years so it was lovely to see him reconnect with them – I’ll do a seperate post about that in a day or so.

Anyways, it’s getting late (00:20am) so I’m going to brush my teeth and get my gargantuan arse to bed – goodnight!