2022 / Blog · February 19, 2022


I guess I should use this introductory post as a way to let whoever is reading this know of all of the things I do online – just encase it’s something you’re curious about.

So, I podcast…

The Toby Show – An audio journey of the life of a polyamorous pansexual with ADHD – talking about every aspect of his life and sharing it with whoever wants to listen – Possibly NSFW!
Slutumentary – Navigating the world of sex work and adult content creation
Toby Honest (coming soon) – cute convos with interesting people
Topical Toebeans (coming soon) – In each episode, Toby picks a topic or subject to analyse, talk about and to learn.
Lockdown Thoughts (was only active when the UK was in lockdown) – Whenever there’s a lockdown in the UK, this podcast will be active!

I’ve been podcasting since 2005, but we don’t talk about Twinkleboi, No No!

I make music…

TDYLN – This is a link to all streaming and purchasing places
I’ve also done some collaborative projects with Robjn

I’m a YouTuber…

I write poetry and I have a self-published book on Amazon

Social media?

I have two Twitter accounts, one SFW and one NSFW, I have an Instagram and I’m also on Snapchat.

And finally, I also have an OnlyFans

So I think that’s everything I can think of to say today

Toby x

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