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How To Break The Silence

One thing that annoys me about myself is that sometimes I completely lose track of the time since I last spoke to friends until that time becomes to big to just say “Hi!”

I don’t mean to do it but after a long period of time passes I think that trying to just start saying “Hello” out of the blue might not get a response and I guess in a weird way there’s a pseudo-rejection fear that stops me from reaching out and just reconnecting because I feel like I’ll have to explain why I’ve not been in contact for ages and the simple answer is because life happens and time flies and before I realised it that time of silence became to big to just shake away.

What do you think? Have you ever been in this situation? If so how did you break the silence? Or haven’t you broken the silence at all, really interested to hear your views and opinions!

I guess in a way I hope that people I’ve not spoken to in a while see this and realise, looking back over the last year I kind of went into a cocoon stage for a while and only really spoke with family but to anyone non-family it may have appeared as being non-responsive!

Anyway I’ve typed for too long on this one!

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