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Hey people – I’ve found it harder than normal to just sit and type out (or speak out) what’s been going on in my life recently because it’s all been a little crazy, in good ways and in some really sad ways too.

I don’t want to dwell too much on the sad stuff at this point in time, I will do when I decide the time might be right but now isn’t the time, but I do want to start creating again and I guess that writing this blog is the foothold to me getting myself back into a creative outlet again.

I got a promotion that I went for at work and I’ve been in the role since the 10th of this month and I’m really enjoying the challenge and the extra responsibilities that come along with it – the week of the interview was trying, not because of the interview itself but the weekend before it I received a whole host of quite sad news and I tried to park my reactions and feelings just until after the interview was done but it really creeped in and ended up affected me during the interview which I was not expecting to happen as I’m someone that, weirdly, enjoys the process of an interview.

I decided to put myself into a local poetry slam at the beginning of the month whilst also showing Bismuth what it was all about, I didn’t win, and to be honest I wasn’t looking to do so, I kind of just wanted to plug myself back into some form of creativity and that was nice to be able to do again!

I’m going to embark on trying to tell the story of my journey into being a pup soon.

I’ve been wanting to write it for a while so I think that I’ll try and make that the next blog post I do and I hope that it’ll explain a few things and just allow for a bit of a deeper understanding of my pup side!

Is there anything you’d like to know or ask?

Yesterday, Lion and I went to an event in Cambridge called Queer Beers 2, it was a good night out with friends and also seeing a few familiar faces too, much beer and cider was consumed and then the night ended with a chicken kebab from a local kebabary (is that even a word?) – I’m definitely going to try and attend the next one and see if I can convince some more friends to come too.

Today started with a nice breakfast at a local cafe with a friend and then soon after that, Lion and I made our way into the city for a spot of shopping as he needed to look for some new jeans – I ended up buying a hoodie whilst in John Lewis that was reduced from £114 to £57 – but when I took it to the checkout to pay, the adviser told me that it was even cheaper at £34 which was a lovely surprise!

During our time in the city centre I ended up bumping into two people I hadn’t seen in ages, the first one used to be my manager and the next was my infant school teacher who after I went to say hello, recognised me almost immediately – had I not ventured into town I wouldn’t have seen either of them and it was just a nice little extra to my day.

Anyway, this was a short post but I just wanted to get something posted.

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