2022 / Blog · June 30, 2022

On The Up

So about a month ago I applied for a role within the company I work for as I’m on a fixed-term contract that ends in October.

I’d received multiple emails over the month stating that “they were very busy and still shortlisting but that I was still being considered”.

On the Thursday of the week before last I got an email from the manager of the department I’d applied for asking me for an informal chat and also if I could draft a response to something as a task, which I did, the informal chat was on the Friday which went well and shortly after the chat I was asked if I’d be happy to move to the next stage of having a formal interview and they asked if I would be happy to do so later that afternoon(!) – I thought about it for a minute or two and then agreed, kind of in the mindset of “strike whilst the irons hot” plus I wouldn’t have to spend the entire weekend working myself up about it 😅

So a few hours later I have the formal interview and am told that I’ll either find out at the end of the day or on Monday, the interview (I felt) went really well and I got a call at the end of the day to say that the other person interviewing with her was in a meeting and that I would find out on Monday.

Monday rolls around and I’m working through things and I hadn’t heard anything back, I finish my work and sit on the sofa and my phone rings and it was the manager and she was calling to tell me that theyd like to offer me the role and I accepted!

So now I have a permanent full-time role and my wages will be a lot better too and the team seem incredibly supportive and friendly!

So happy! 😁