2022 / Blog · December 3, 2022


I go for months without updating this website or podcasting and then on the odd occasion I’m struck by a sense of DO SOMETHING – so this is whatever comes from that feeling in my brain urging me to make some content of some kind, I feel like it might veer into a bit of a over-saturation of things I’ve been experiencing and doing but we shall see how things pan out.

Thing 1 – I started a new job role, with the same company but now in a role that’s permanent (my previous role would have ended today) and also gives me a much better wage which especially during these times is very much appreciated – I’ve been trying to find my feet in the role but there were a lot of unplanned changes within a short space of time so it shook things up a bit but I’m hopeful that in time things will settle.

Thing 2 – I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child at the age of 7 but when I went to my GP as an adult I was told that in order for me to get any form of support or medication, I would need to seek a reassessment of my ADHD – I initially printed of the forms and filled them out in January of this year, but in true ADHD style, I didn’t actually do with them what was required until June/July time, I did attempt to do this in April but I had a really unpleasant experience with the doctor I saw and he told me that I would need to book another appointment to do so, which turned out to be bullshit as on a following appointment I was told to just hand the form into the reception desk and they would deal with it, I wasn’t expecting to have an assessment until at least the beginning of 2023, so imagine my surprise when I was called in October to book an assessment video call.

I had the assessment just over a month ago and it was a bit brain invasive and stressful and made me have to talk about and remind myself of my childhood, my time during school and my experiences with education (which all kind of sucked) – my brain has felt somewhat frazzled today and my work were really supportive and allowed me to work in a way that removed my need to interact with other humans, which I was really thankful for.

Unsurprisingly the assessment concluded that I do have ADHD and now I’m on a waiting list to start the titration process, which isn’t where they rate my tits because I’m sure they’d score me 10s across the board for my knockers….no, titration is a monitored step into the use of ADHD medication and super important to reduce side effects and make sure that dosages are correct for each person, I think currently the wait is 3-4 months which is shorter than the time I’d been waiting for my custom pup hood to arrive.

Thing 3 – So in May I placed a custom pup hood order with Clonezone and their site said that I should have it within 7 weeks, it took 23 WEEKS to arrive!

Turns out my initial order was received but the pdf file of the customisations that was sent over to Mr S Leather was completely blank, this was missed by Clonezone and only became apparent after I’d complained about the amount of time it was taking on Twitter and via email.

A new priority order was made and I was told it would be done within 3-4 weeks, 10 weeks later it actually turned up – I was told a lot of conflicting information at the start, however one of the people at Clonezone was super thorough with things and also refunded me 50% of the cost of my order to say sorry, I was planning on doing a little reveal of it, I had my beard trimmed down a lot as when I first tried it on my beard just bushed out of the bottom and it didn’t look great, however the reveal was put on hold because of the next thing.

Thing 4 – 999 days after it reached the UK, COVID-19 decided that now was the time to get me and holy fucking shitballs it’s unpleasant!

I spent the entire time once I tested positive isolating, trying to rest and recover and it’s been almost a month since I had it but I’m still not 100% yet, brain fog is slowly lifting (I hope) but it just knocked me for six.

The day I tested negative was also the day when I received notification that I could book a COVID booster, however because I’ve recently had it, I had to wait for 28 days to pass, which is now and I have it booked for next week.

Right that’s enough for today, I hope to write more soon!