2022 / Blog · March 7, 2022

Q&A Time #1

So about a week ago I said that I wanted to answer your questions on a regular basis, I gave a link and some of you submitted things, so here we go!

What’s your latest social media addiction? (Could be a trend, app, site, social network, feature, etc.)

Currently I’m really enjoying playing around with rave.dj and their A.I mashup/mixset maker, some of the stuff it makes can be questionable but every so often it creates something really good!

If you try it out and make something interesting/weird, let me know!

Not sure how long YouTube will allow these…


The Eastenders one is probably one of my personal favourites! Haha

My nips are tingly, can you sort em out?

I can probably make them more tingly, not sure what a good cure for tingly nips would be – are they overstimulated?

Opinions on UK vs The World?

I could’ve done with less UK of the UK queens, just having Blu would’ve been perfect – and more queens from the drag race multiverse seeing as there are about 50 different versions now!


The Blu / Pangina elimination scene was really uncomfortable to watch, but RuPaul loves to milk trauma and vulnerability so it didn’t surprise me that it was purposely made uncomfortable

How are you today?

I’m doing alright…I think, maybe a little over-caffeinated so I’m actually functioning like a normal person would!

What’s the secret to your sexiness?

Haha – thank you so much, it’s hard to accept compliments like this without coming across as arrogant but I really do appreciate when people compliment me like that, thank you!!

Your height?

I’m 6ft1in of soft dom daddy energy

Will economic sanctions against Russia really make Putin bend?

I really hope so but I’m not sure that it will do – the UK government aren’t doing anything of substance that will helping the people of Ukraine – which isn’t surprising but it is thoroughly depressing and anger-inducing!

How big is your rod?

I don’t fish 🎣

So that’s it for the questions, if you want to ask something, you can do so via this link anonymously or not – http://bit.ly/asktoby