Blog · January 2, 2023

The Year Ahead

2020 was absolute fucking garbage (death, loss, mental breakdown, complete loss of coping mechanisms)
2021 was about making changes (left Cambridge and moved up north)
2022 was about finding stability (permanent job, decent income, slowly making new friends)

So it’s now 2023 – my ADHD ass has been doing a lot of thinking about what I would like to do, achieve and experience this year.

• Be more sociable – there are so many people that I’d like to meet, visit and spend quality time with and I’d like to do that as much as possible, as well as spending more time with those I’ve already meet and know too ☺️

• Experiences – I’d like step out of my comfort zone and attend and experience things that I’ve perhaps felt a little apprehensive about and doing them regularly, attending more events and embracing that initial vulnerability 😊

• Communicate better – since 2020 my communication skills dropped severely but recently I’ve really been building it back into my routine and I like to carry on doing so and communicating better and more often. Apologise to those who have dealt with that over the years, I’m improving everyday and really enjoying being able to have really nice conversations ❤️

• Treat myself better – over the last few years a lot of my disordered eating patterns returned, my weight increased and my health has suffered and I’m starting to work towards a way of changing my habits in a way that won’t be dangerous for me to do – I want to feel better in myself and this is a big scary task sometimes 😌

• Keep creating – I want to make more creative things than I’ve done in previous years, working more on music, songwriting and poetry. I aim to publish a new book by the end of the year and launching a podcast project I’ve been thinking about since 2020. Videowise I’d like to make long-form content but I’m not sure how that will look quite yet 👨‍💻

• Giving something back – I’d really like to find ways that I can provide support and help in some way for the LGBTQIA+ community, specifically those that are really taking a kicking and need our love, support, protection and action 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

• Embrace closeness – this might sound like a weird one but pre-2020 I was very much someone that embraced and enjoyed just being close with people – but for the last few years I became fearful of that but I really miss it and will happily accept all of the cuddles and closeness – I’m a cuddleslut (I’m also a slut but I’m trying to keep it moderately tame in this post) 🥰

I’m hoping this year will be a positive year for me and many others ❤️