2022 / Blog · February 26, 2022

Today was a good day

I’m writing this at 2:20am and I’ve just got into bed – today (although technically yesterday) was a really good day.

It was the first day of a four day weekend, created by using up some annual leave at work and I used today to go on a cinema date with a cutie, now I’m naming no names here because I don’t know if they would appreciate being named, but it was a really cute day – we went for food first thing as neither of us had eaten yet and it was 1pm, we went to a really nice place in town, had food and caught each other up on how we’d both been since we last saw each other and then afterwards we headed to the cinema to see Uncharted which was really good.

After the movie we walked around the town for a bit and chatted, I genuinely enjoy spending time with them and I was lucky enough to find out how good of a kisser they are!

Afterward I came home and caught up with my partner, told them how my date went and asked how their day was (just encase you weren’t aware, even though I don’t hide it and it’s mentioned on all my social medias – I’m polyamorous) and then I set about making food.

I made some simple chicken fajitas and then spent the evening creating and importing things to my newest project, Slutumentary – watched a few things on YouTube, caught up with the news and now I’m in bed and ready to sleep 😴