2022 / Blog · February 27, 2022

What do you want to know?

I’ve posted a link to my socials but next week I’m going to answer any and all of the questions that are left for me here – will I regret saying that I’ll do that?

Probably if some of the responses I get on Instagram are anything to go by 😅 especially seeing as submissions are anonymous!

I want to do this semi-regularly because I find it a fun way to engage with people and it also allows me to share (and overshare!) things about myself and my weird and wonderful life!

Today is Sunday and it’s been a little bit busy and a little bit relaxing – I woke up around 9am, recorded something for my OnlyFans and then had a shower – on the subject of OnlyFans, I’ve seen a big influx of new subscribers over this weekend, humbling and horny – thank you if you were one of them!

Once they awoke, my partner made fluffy pancakes for our breakfast and then I did a few household things – quite boring stuff really, but I was putting personalised stickers on our bins that I had ordered on Amazon because people steal bins around here, for whatever reason!

I popped to the supermarket for a few bits and then made us fajitas for lunch and since lunchtime I’ve been working on a bit of music and writing a few bits too.

Some days, like today, my brain seems to work in a semi-normal way – actually planning out and carrying out tasks like a neurotypical person would do, it’s rare but when I have a day like that, I often find myself completely worn-out by the end of the day, I’m feeling sleepy already but nothing a strong coffee can’t fix!

I have tomorrow off of work and I’m not quite sure what to do with the day, apart from taking a trip to the barber to have my beard tamed and trimmed – although I’m not sure what I’m more excited about…a fresh beard trim or meeting the two dogs that I’ve seen in the barbers every time I walk past! Haha!

Anyway, I think that’s enough chat for today – remember to submit questions and if you aren’t already, subscribe to the newsletter to get each update delivered to your email whenever I post – for free!